Blogging, Millenials, etc. AKA First Post.

I just turned 28 two months ago. Oftentimes, I think I’m already too old to blog. While it’s not really a millenial thing — blogs actually boomed in my generation — a lot of popular blogs these days are written by kids half my age. And why shouldn’t it be? Millenials have this drive to live a fun life and tell the world about it.

Example: drinking coffee. It used to be that people do it all the time and no one bats an eyelash. Before, the story was simply “I’ve had coffee with this person.” That’s it; done. Today, the story is “I’ve had coffee with this person in this cafe, where I ordered this flavor and this slice of cake. Oh, and I’m wearing this outfit with these matching accessories.”

See, an act as simple as drinking coffee turns out to be a story with so many elements. Which is probably the reason why millenials are very enthusiastic bloggers, and why I failed in my previous attempts to maintain a blog — I was always waiting for something remarkable to happen before I consider the moment as blog-worthy.

I’ve said this a lot of times before, in every single new blog I create: here’s to hoping that this time will be different.

Happy blogging, y’all old folks! 😀

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