Hello Again, My Watercolor Set.

Watercolor is not my favorite medium. I struggle with picking palettes, blending colors, applying the right amount of water, maneuvering the brush… basically, everything about watercolor drives me insane.

But I wanted to try, and I did. I was already doing a lot of brush pen lettering then, but I signed up for a short watercolor calligraphy session and got an 8-color Prang set. A week later, this was what I had for show:

Still couldn’t nail it yet.

Unfortunately, while I was actually a bit proud of the output, (they were one of my first few attempts, after all) I didn’t feel very comfortable using watercolor to draw letters, unlike the ease that I find when doing the same with brush pens. I hosted an Instagram giveaway last month and considered including the Prang on the list of prizes. But before I could solidly decide to finally let go, I thought of giving it one final shot.

A very talented friend of mine posted a timelapse video of how she draws watercolor florals. I watched it over and over as if treating it like a step-by-step tutorial while simultaneously painting some flowers myself.

My first watercolor flowers and leaves!

I thought, hey, this wasn’t too bad. I did a few more for practice to up my flower-painting game. It’s still a hit-or-miss for me, though. Some days, I get super nice results and I feel like I could do this for the rest of my life. On bad days — and trust me, there are more of them than the good ones — I get so frustrated, my trash bin fills up faster with lots of discarded papers.

One of those good days.
Two of those good days.

Because I’m far from being an adept watercolor brush weilder, I just compensate with better handlettering. They work well together, the words being the message and the flowers serving as a nice background. (What I mean to say is they look great in pictures, you cannot not post them on Instagram LOL)

So far, I only know how to paint roses, and even that doesn’t look quite the healthy rose I want it to be. My leaves always need reshaping and my shadows are all over the place. I am a watercolor beginner and I know I can’t expect myself to wake up as an expert overnight, but I hope that I won’t stop trying.

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  1. It’s looking great! I’m not in love with watercolor either (or I should say, it doesn’t love me) but did you know July is World Watercolor Month? My post today has a link to the site that organized it, if you’re interested! Love your lettering! 💜

    1. Hi there, Laura! 😀 OMG i think watercolor doesn’t love me, too! We even broke up at one point LOL but I went back for a second chance haha.
      Anyway, really, I didn’t know Watercolor has its own month! I’m not sure how much I can contribute, but I’ll definitely check the link on your post. 🙂 Thank you so much for droping by! 💜💜💜 (i copy-pasted the heart from your comment because i don’t know how to make one haha)

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