Work Lately.

Last month, our company rolled out an apprenticeship program for the first time, aiming to groom selected candidates to become future managers. I thought it was an amazing opportunity, even if it is very much in contrast with my personality to pursue any position of authority in the workplace. I wanted to run towards something bigger, and taking a step up the career ladder seemed like a worthy cause. I submitted a Letter of Intent and went through the screening process.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make the cut.

Like any human being, I allowed myself to feel sad. Disappointed, even. I know exactly where I went wrong, you see.

I turned to lettering and penned a message to myself.

But I don’t want to beat myself up. At the end of the day, I put my “failure” in perspective and realized there was nothing lost; only gained. I learned something that only the experience of failing can teach.

Coincidentally, the day I received the sad result of my application also happened to be the day of my third anniversary with the company. It would’ve been a great anniversary gift if I made it to the program, yes? But hey, I have no regrets. The program’s Batch 2 will be rolled out next year, and by then, I’ll make sure to nail it. 🙂

*Flashback: final interview with the operations manager,
three years ago*

OM: How long do you see yourself staying here?
Me: Probably a good three or four years, maybe more.
OM: Okay, good.

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