Saladbox Man x Fashion: Is it worth your money?

Subscription boxes are not a new concept, but it is relatively new in the Philippines. When it comes to men’s fashion/lifestyle, there is currently only one subscription box in the country as far as I’m aware, and that is Saladbox Man.

Saladbox Man is a bimonthly subscription box focused on grooming, although recent boxes are slowly introducing fashion pieces as well. Their plans range from one box (Single); three boxes (Starter); and six boxes (Patriot). I decided to test it out by signing up for Starter and see if it would indeed lead me to become more ‘dapper’.

First Box: January – February 2016 (★★☆☆☆)

Source: Saladbox Man Instagram

Regatta summer perfume with sailor anklet  (not in photo)
Toni & Guy Men shampoo
En Pierre bracelet
Benefit pore cleaner (single use)
Skinfood Pomegranate skin toner
vanity mirror
discount coupons

Second Box: July – August 2016  (★★★☆☆)



Folded & Hung patterned socks
En Pierre bracelet
Scuderia Ferrari perfume (tester size)
ToppCock shampoo/body wash
ToppCock intimate leave-on (sachet)
Nivea Men Invisible deodorant
VMV Hypoallergenics shaving cream
Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow (single use)
Knitties MNL knitted tie (not in photo)

discount coupons

Third Box: September – October 2016 a.k.a. AXN Box (★★★★☆)



Lemniscate men’s whitening soap
Pond’s Men facial wash
Tahum Leather keychain (variant is different per box)
Man Pomade (tester size)
Footnotes patterned socks
Aloe Derma shampoo (sachet, single use)
Aloe Derma pure aloe vera gel (sachet, single use)
Aloe Derma hair and scalp tonic
Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow (single use)
Azzaro Chrome perfume (tester size)
AXN keychain/bottle opener/led light
discount coupons

THE VERDICT. Okay. Bearing in mind that this is a man’s box and I’m a girl — well, I identify as a soft butch — I know there will be items that are not suited to my style. I personally cannot find a place in my life for the ToppCock intimate leave-on, and I have no plans on having a brow makeover so I have no use for Gimme Brow, either. But I do love Man Pomade (one of the best hair product I’ve tried) and I use the ToppCock body wash as well.

Dark En Pierre bracelets go well with dark attire.

Usually, I only keep 4 or 5 items and give the rest to my brother because I’m not into men’s grooming and/or skin care products as much as I am into men’s fashion. But that’s okay. What you will or will not use still boils down to preference, no matter what sexuality you identify.

My first box was the box I liked the least, and I was kinda sad with that one. But the next two boxes totally made up for it. And the more box I received, the more I enjoyed discovering new products I wouldn’t normally buy or even find on my own. And I think that’s what a subscription box is all about.

Knitted tie in action.
Knitted tie in action.

To be fair, Saladbox Man is still fairly new to the game, but you could tell that they are really working to improve with each new delivery. Their inclusion of accessories such as knit ties and patterned socks tells me that they’re going to have more of those stuff in the future. Who knows, they might even have a matching pocket square and bow tie, or even a suspender! (UPDATE: they will have a pocket square on their November-December 2016 box! Oh, joy!)

Overall, I’m confident that Saladbox Man is going to transform as an overall source of all things dapper for the modern man — or in my case, the man in me. Haha. So if you’re a butch like me who’s looking to sample some grooming and fashion products, go ahead and try their Starter plan. Three boxes are just about enough to form a conclusion, and mine was certainly a favorable one — in fact, I already renewed my subscription yesterday and went for the Patriot. I’m looking to end this year and spend the rest of next year in style. ^_^


*this post is not sponsored by Saladbox Man, nor by any other brand or products mentioned.


  1. That’s a nice concept, that! This perfectly works for me because I’m either usually lazy to look for new stuff to look good, or I’m clueless shopping ’round to look for good things. With that, I’ll get to figure out what works. It’s like a box of suggestions every two months.

    I’ll have it a go soon, hmm! Thanks for featuring this! One new thing to try for me.

    1. Exactly, that’s also the reason why I renewed my subscription even though I don’t use every item in the box. At least I get to try some brands. ^_^ They’re currently on 50% off for all new customers! Go go go !

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