My first tarot card experience.

I’ve always been a wee bit curious about New Age stuff, although I never did anything other than read a few blogs about it. I was raised in an ultimately conservative Christian home, ergo, anything that has to do with New Age and mysticism is strictly taboo. It’s like not being allowed to immerse in water, but still dipping my finger into it from time to time.

And that’s how I chanced upon tarot reader Jake, who I found through his newly-created blog, Tarot and Coffee Manila. I didn’t know anybody locally who does tarot reading, except maybe those old women in Quiapo. At least, Jake and I could meet somewhere nice for our session, i.e., this quaint dessert place in Tomas Morato — Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee.

We were right on time for our 3 PM meetup last Sunday, and Jake immediately cleared the air off any eerie thoughts that people, myself included, commonly associate with tarot cards. (Thanks, scary movies!) “It’s just the Universe letting you know what it thinks you need to know,” he said. And the fact that I was there means that I, at the very least, am interested to hear what the Universe wants to tell me.

I’m not going to spoil Jake’s process — it is so much better to hear it explained by the reader and also adds to the experience if you’re a first timer. Instead, I’m going to talk about my insights during our session. ^_^

It was a mixed feeling of fear and excitement when we began, the fear coming more from my existing concept of the tarots as something out of a horror film. Thankfully, the deck Jake brought was not the usual, scary-looking ones, but rather a very artistic, Van Gough-like impressionist painting version. I wouldn’t recognize cards like The Death and The Devil even if I pick them. (Thankfully, I didn’t.)


There were no rules to the kinds of questions I could ask — from the mundane to the profound, the Universe is sure to have an answer, although not always as specific as one might want. Jake’s only warning was to not ask questions that I’m not sure I’d want to hear an answer, and I agree. So I said I’d asked him when I would get rich. But isn’t that such a selfish and immature question?

“Not really. Let’s ask the Universe about your financial stability and when you can expect to have it.”

Honestly, the way he phrased it was so much better than mine. My immature question was turned into something closer to #adulting.

“The timeline is not that far. In 3 to 4 years.”

I told Jake that it almost feels symbolic everytime he asks me to choose cards, because the cards that I pick would be the message or answer of the Universe to me. In the midst of picking, I sometimes wondered if my fortune would change had I picked a different card. But of course, it doesn’t matter. The Universe would lead me to the ‘right’ card everytime.

As the session progressed, I became more comfortable talking about my inner ramblings. Of course, I asked the ultimate question — lovelife. It was more favorable than I expected (woot woot!) so I guess I wouldn’t be single anytime soon, hahaha.

Overall, my first tarot reading experience was not creepy at all. The readings were accurate for some questions and super vague for others, but that’s okay. As Jake said, these readings do not show a future that is fixed or unaffected by the present. If I were given the message that I’d be rich in 4 years’ time, I cannot squander all my money now and still expect the same future, right? In the end, it’s still the work of our own hands that will get us to where we want to be. Think of the readings as a look from a different perspective, and a heads up to what could happen next.

There is one thing the tarots saw in my near future that stuck with me: “Next year is going to be very, very different.”

I might ask for another session before the year is out, and with a voice recorder this time. ^_^

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  1. Thank you so much for your time to meet me for this, and now for featuring your experience! I hope the session did give you some sort of a bigger, even different perspective. No worries for the revelations that don’t appear to make much sense at this point. They would all eventually fall in their right places and times. Might be literally or could be in another way.

    Future: 10 of Wands. Bigger responsibility. So you may as well prepare for it! 🙂

    1. No, THANK YOU for accomodating me even though your schedule is sooo crazy. 🙂 I definitely enjoyed our session and I know it’s not going to be my first and last. 🙂

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