The moon and the stars.

I was having some alone time earlier, sitting outdoors and listening to my favorite podcast episode, when I struck up a conversation with someone from Tumblr. It was mainly small talk, but there’s one dialogue that I really found beautiful:

ME: …working in the night shift rarely makes me see the sun.
SOMEONE: You’re not missing a lot. You still have the moon and the stars.

His reply stopped me in my tracks for a bit. I do appreciate the moon and the stars when I see them at night. But our conversation made me realized that I don’t find them enough because I’m too busy trying to catch the sunset.

That short exchange left me with a beautiful message to ponder. Indeed, the moon and the stars have always been there; all I need to do is to look up. Ironically, I’ve always said that I don’t want to be the person who never looks up.

As for the sunset, maybe there’s a reason why I rarely see it. Maybe because it wants to teach me to appreciate first the things that are in front of me.

Also, I can’t help but relate this to my current creative state. There are so many things I want to do and learn. Some are definitely doable if I put my mind to it; others are quite ambitious and uncertain. But I’m too tied up on imagining the end result that I never begin the process. And I fail to see that everything I need to start is right here.

Clearly, something has to change. #

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