What La La Land says about chasing after your dreams.

Even if you are not a movie buff, chances are you’ve heard of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s musical film “La La Land,” which also happened to be the winner of six Golden Globe awards and three Oscars. It was a good film, and if you already watched it, you know that it’s not just about being in love; it’s also about having the courage to follow your dreams.

“People like what other people are passionate about.”

In the movie, Mia (Emma) ultimately wanted to be an actress, while Seb (Ryan) was a jazz purist struggling to make jazz relevant in the modern times. It was his burning passion that converted Mia from hating jazz to loving it because of him. When you are passionate about something — whether that’s playing the trumpet or doodling on paper or blogging — you do it with enthusiasm, which in turn is going to manifest in your work, and other people are bound to notice it.

I’m totally guilty of this: worrying too much about how my art is going to be received. Will people like it? Will they even notice it? In reality, it really should not matter at this stage. Last Monday, Yoko Ono tweeted: “Never mind them. Keep creating.”

It takes a huge amount of hard work and courage to keep going.

Mia left college to start her journey to stardom, but six years of relentlessly showing up for auditions got her nowhere. Still, she could have quit on her third, fourth, fifth, or sixth year of regularly going to auditions and not getting a single call back. There is something to be said for a mind and heart that refuses to quit even if hard work doesn’t seem to pay off.

Meanwhile, here I am, getting upset over not being able to break ground for something I’ve been doing — very irregularly, I should add — for only two years. It is a flaw in my character that I badly need to address soon, but the words have to be said even if they may sound harsh: that some people, like myself, don’t really give it our all on our craft, and yet we have the audacity to expect for results right away.

To myself and anyone like me, think about our year: the year when we can say that things are finally falling into place. And then say this to ourselves: it starts here in 2017.

Your grandest opportunity may come from your biggest disappointment.


So Mia decided to stop auditioning and write her own one-person show instead, and then perform on her own in the town theater. It turned out that writing plays was her first love and what got her so enamored in acting. But on the day of the play, only a handful of people showed up. Just when you thought it couldn’t have been any worse, Mia overheard a conversation from one of the audience saying that the play wasn’t even good. That was the last straw — brimming with tears and extreme disappointment, she packed her bags and refused to have anything to do with acting again.

That was when the callback came days later: a casting director saw her play and wanted to put her in a lead role for a new TV show set in Paris.

It’s insane how things like that happen. But in a subtle way, it tells us that when you’re doing what you love, both good and bad days are going to bring something invaluable. My bad days in lettering brought me to try sketching, and I discovered that it was something I could also do, and enjoyably so.

For those who already saw the film, you may say that chasing after your dreams also have some consequences, like what happened at the ending. Don’t worry, though; it’s not applicable to everybody. 😉 *wink wink*

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  1. I love, love, love this film! I even watched it twice in the cinema – something that I don’t really do. But I wanted the bf to see it too because he also loves Jazz and he has a huge crush on Emma Stone – two important enablers for hime to see this. I’m also in love with thee soundtrack. I have most of the songs in my personal playlist.

    1. I also watched it twice!! The funny thing is, I didn’t appreciate it as much on my first viewing, and also because I’m not really a fan of musicals. On my second time, though, I loved every minute of it — the songs, the cinematic approach, the heartbreaking ending — I FELT SOOOO SAD!!! I HATE WHAT DATE DID TO THEM!!! *whoa intense*

      1. I can’t even get through the first 30 minutes of the film. Hahaha. I’ll give it another shot, though — some time soon. There’s too much singing!! -____-

        1. Hahaha yes, I agree! I’m not a huge fan of musicals, i don’t get the whole “let’s sing our lines” thing. But i think, the reason why i appreciated the film on second try was because i already knew which scenes they’re gonna start belting out, so the only thing left was to concentrate on the lines.

          Pitch Perfect is a different film, tho. Now that’s a musical i always enjoy 😀

          1. Pitch Perfect wasn’t so much a musical. It’s a movie centered on music but definitely not a musical (if we’re comparing it to Les Miserables, Mama Mia, and even High School Musical). Hahaha I probably have to get through La La Land twice in that case. Haha

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