Painting flowers with Jera of @inkblotsandpapercuts :)

Last Saturday’s loose watercolor florals workshop with my friend Jera (@inkblotsandpapercuts on Instagram) was the best creative workshop I’ve ever had. I brought my boss along and we had fun creating our own bouquet of loose florals. It positively changed my mind about watercolor, which was a medium I used to avoid because I made up my mind a couple years ago that it just wasn’t for me. Well, not anymore. 😉

The three of us met a few minutes past 2:00 PM at Gloria Jeans cafe in Eton Cyberpod. The setting was informal and very chill. Jera walked us through the basics, but as all three of us were exchanging banters every now and then,  you’d think we’re just three friends chatting over coffee and paints. We discussed materials first — at last, I already know the difference between coldpressed and hotpressed paper! — before moving to techniques, mixing our own color palettes, and finally creating a whole bunch of leaves and flowers.

It took us an entire afternoon to cover all topics, but here are my favorite takeaways:

  • In watercolor, there is such a thing as happy accidents. That rarely happens in hand lettering; heck, I get frustrated when accidents happen while I’m writing. I couldn’t help but compare how rigid lettering actually was compared to the more fluid movements of watercolor painting.
  • Now I know why artists leave their palette ‘dirty’. When I tried learning watercolor on my own, I always clean my palette every after use. I thought that dirty palettes were only for photo ops so people would think you know a lot about mixing colors. I didn’t expect it to serve a more practical purpose.
  • My favorite watercolor technique is lifting. You can create clouds with it, you can soften edges, you can correct mistakes — it’s so powerful!
  • Adding water does make a HUGE difference. Yes, I’ve only just realized that during this session because of this term called color value or the amount of light and dark in a color. #mindblown

I noticed that my hands didn’t get tired even after several hours of painting, which was a bit of a surprise because I know I won’t be able to say the same if I write in the same length of time with a brush pen. Whenever I conduct lettering workshops, I had to keep it at 2.5 hours max because lettering drills can really zonk your hand out.

Additionally, Jera’s workshop made me understand the difference between VALUE and COST. I finally understood that people are willing to pay the cost as long as they get the value, and Jera’s workshop is WORTH EVERY PENNY. It is an incredible insight as I’m also a workshop instructor myself. Now I look at my basic lettering workshop course with new eyes, and with the aim to consistently provide value at, or maybe even beyond its price.  I didn’t expect a watercolor workshop to be such an eye opener, but I’m glad it did. 🙂

By the end of the session, we were able to produce decent loose florals, and man, it felt great! We were also treated to free coffee, hee hee! (Sorry for the yellow sticker on my face — I didn’t look my best that day LOL)

If you’re interested to learn flower painting with watercolor, Jera’s workshop is very highly recommended. Very na, highly pa LOL! Go drop her a DM on Instagram. Well, what are you waiting for? 😀

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  1. Odee! You’re so talented!!! 👏 I love looking at watercolors (it’s my favorite medium) but I am sooooooooooo bad at art so hanggang tingin nalang ako hahahaha

    1. Kate! Hahaha thank you :’) It’s not too late to learn! Akala ko rin wala na akong pag-asa sa watercolor haha. I told myself na last ko nang attempt ‘tong workshop ni Jera, and it paid off! 😀 Join ka na rin, it’s fun! ^_^

          1. ahahahaha ako rin lol introvert kaya ako! 😀 but if you wanna meet up with a new friend lezzzgooooo because YOLO hahaha (lakas maka-millennial vibes char)

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