Boxing, take two: My body is still sore.

It’s the good kind of pain, though. And I like it.

I went to the Elorde Boxing Gym last Tuesday to restart my fitness regime. I used to box at Gerry Penalosa, where I managed to do 11 sessions (I wrote about my first day here). But after all the Christmas and New Year eat-outs, I gained twice the pounds I lost.  Come January 2017, I was too embarrassed to return. 🙁

I didn’t tell the Elorde folks that I’ve had boxing sessions before, but I suspect my trainer could tell. He kept saying that I nailed the form and punches pretty quickly. I bluffed that I tried learning by myself through YouTube, which also accounted for already having my own hand wraps and boxing gloves.

And so, at 8:30 AM, my first boxing session of 2017 started.


There are a lot of activities promoting weight loss, but I went for boxing because I find it approachable, for lack of a better word. What I mean is, punching feels more natural than shooting to the hoop (basketball) or swinging one arm to smash a tiny object (tennis). As long as you’re not going pro, there’s not much rules and terms to master.

Before boxing, I tried other forms of fitness like hitting the gym, running, yoga, and zumba. I got bored with all of them eventually, and now I finally figured out why: because in boxing, my body — my fists, specifically — connect with another object, and I can feel my power, my strength behind it. It’s not just memorizing the routine, repeating the same moves. In boxing, I am aiming at something tangible.

It’s been two days since my session at Elorde, and right now, both the left and right side of my upper body hurt. And I think some parts of my upper back hurt, and my lower arms hurt, and my thighs kind of hurt. The exercise may not have been as intense as I expected, but it still made its mark. And I’m happy. I’m happy because I’m back at boxing again. I’m happy because the pain means that my body is responding to the workout.

Tomorrow, I’m going to return. 🙂

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  1. I love training rather than simply going to a gym myself! I do muay thai and circuit training at a small gym in the south hehe 😉 Which Elorde do you go to? 😀

    1. The nearest Elorde from my house is 15 minutes by car at Marcos Highway. Wow, you do circuit training?? I heard that that’s exhausting af. Super effective for weight loss, though. 😀

        1. I wish I could learn to enjoy circuit training, too! I stopped with boxing muna because *insert excuses here* hay jusko i need to assess my priorities in life haha

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