Hello Again, My Watercolor Set.

Watercolor is not my favorite medium. I struggle with picking palettes, blending colors, applying the right amount of water, maneuvering the brush… basically, everything about watercolor drives me insane.

But I wanted to try, and I did. I was already doing a lot of brush pen lettering then, but I signed up for a short watercolor calligraphy session and got an 8-color Prang set. A week later, this was what I had for show:

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I Used To Really Hate High School (Or Rather, The People In It.)

I don’t know about your country, but here in the Philippines, high school is generally considered the happiest time of student life. We’re too young in grade school to do something really stupid, but too serious in college to risk flunking because our future careers depended on it. That makes high school the ideal sweet spot of our youth. Four years in it is more than enough to create memories of cutting classes, hooking up with the hotties, pissing off teachers and getting into a lot of trouble. Come to think of it, when we look back at high school, it wouldn’t be the lectures we would recall, but the crazy times that landed us detention.

Or at least that is how high school was supposed to be. Which is why for the longest time, I hated high school because I didn’t get to enjoy it.

I’ve always thought that it was because I was categorized under the label “ugly” back then. Modesty aside, I was an intelligent kid, but intelligence doesn’t translate to popularity. While I do get along with the boys because of common interests, I was never a solid part of anyone’s circle. Eventually, I came to view myself as an outcast who gets talked to only when my classmates needed a piece of paper for the quiz, or if they needed to copy during exams.

After graduation, I didn’t bother trying to reconnect. I ignored Facebook friend requests and reunion invitations. One time, my classmates actually went knocking at our house to get me to join their Friday night, but I pretended to be really sleepy and had my mom face them instead. (Can you feel the bitterness?)

Two weeks ago, I received another invite for a round of drinks. This time, I thought, well, what’s the worst thing that can happen if I say yes?

I tweeted this right after letting them know that I would join the party.

I won’t bore you with the details, but the short story is that I had a really fun night. I downed apple-flavored Smirnoff and beer, and listened to my classmates exchange banters and wild stories. I realized that being an outcast was all in my head. The reality was either I didn’t make any effort to socialize or I was too much of a late bloomer and just wasn’t able to catch up to their level of maturity back then. Either way, it doesn’t make them the bad guys.

Thanks to the influence of alcohol, I admitted all these and added that I was kinda sorry for being that way. They were forgiving and said it’s okay, that’s all going to change now, right? And I said yes, whenever my schedule allows it, I’ll definitely show up, and they actually cheered.

I’ll join them again for some evening jog, and then maybe dinner or movie on July 4th. It feels great to be given another shot at friendship. This means I no longer have to feel bitter about high school anymore. 🙂

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Brush Pen x Drawing x Travel.

Ever since I first saw how some creative people on Instagram do travel sketches, I’ve been wanting to do it myself. But drawing on-location demands a lot more time than what my travel companion/s are willing to give, ergo, I have never done a travel sketch on the road.

What I do, though, is take photos of places and scenes I would want to draw later. Bleh!


Okay, I’ve never been to Milan. It was the Girlfriend who went on a European tour and brought back tourist maps and booklets because she knows I like reading those stuff.


This caricature is based off of an actual street in Hong Kong. Honestly, it seemed to me that every street in HK is full of billboard signs, each competing for attention. It was the first foreign country I visited, and also where I experienced my first winter. I really enjoyed the cold. It was a sharp contrast to Philippine weather, where we only get either dry and humid or wet and windy. Boohoo.


I’m not very good at journaling, but I tried anyway because I want to put the Moleskine notebook I got for my birthday to good use. I have fallen in love with South Korea when I went there for the first time last March. My mom was a huge fan of Dae Jang Geum (대장금; Jewel In The Palace in some countries) and she was wowed when I showed her my photos at the Gyeongbokgung Palace.

This November, I will return to South Korea, now armed with basic Korean i.e., annyeonghaseyo (hello), kamsahamnida (thank you) and joesunghamnida (I’m sorry). Ha! I’m excited! 😀

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Blogging, Millenials, etc. AKA First Post.

I just turned 28 two months ago. Oftentimes, I think I’m already too old to blog. While it’s not really a millenial thing — blogs actually boomed in my generation — a lot of popular blogs these days are written by kids half my age. And why shouldn’t it be? Millenials have this drive to live a fun life and tell the world about it.

Example: drinking coffee. It used to be that people do it all the time and no one bats an eyelash. Before, the story was simply “I’ve had coffee with this person.” That’s it; done. Today, the story is “I’ve had coffee with this person in this cafe, where I ordered this flavor and this slice of cake. Oh, and I’m wearing this outfit with these matching accessories.”

See, an act as simple as drinking coffee turns out to be a story with so many elements. Which is probably the reason why millenials are very enthusiastic bloggers, and why I failed in my previous attempts to maintain a blog — I was always waiting for something remarkable to happen before I consider the moment as blog-worthy.

I’ve said this a lot of times before, in every single new blog I create: here’s to hoping that this time will be different.

Happy blogging, y’all old folks! 😀

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